Gone Fishin’

Today is a beautiful day to be out on the lake. It’s not sunny, but it’s comfortably warm and there’s just a hint of a breeze. It’s so quiet—just a gentle ripple on the water. It’s perfect.


Im sitting in a beige cubicle surrounded by other people unfortunate enough to be in the same position: having to be somewhere other than where they’d like; doing something other than what they’d like; with people other than…you get it.

Chances are you’re just like us.

The Great Hamster Wheel

We grind the days of our life away—working—so we can pay another mortgage payment; another electricity bill; another cable TV bill—all so we have a place to put our TVs; electricity to run our TVs; and programming for our TVs so we can forget about how crappy work is at the end of the day. We work/save/work/save/work/save just so we can take vacations that take us away from our work/save lives.

It’s the great hamster wheel of modern life.

I’m sorry, is this too bleak for you…

Whoever said the greatest things in life are free knew what he was talking about. My son is gorgeous—and a real character. He get’s it from his parents—and he’d be the greatest thing in my life no matter how hard I work; no matter how much I save; no matter how much I watch The Daily Show to burry the pain of working, etc.


If I knew it would out this way, I would have chucked it all at an early age and moved to the woods to fish all day. I’d feel free—and still may be able to afford my precious cable TV.

My brother’s only job is to play drums for local bands. Often, his monthly income could be measured in the hundreds. But he’s wealthy in time. Usually I think, “Why doesn’t he get a job so he can have some money (and stuff)?” But he doesn’t have to put his soul into the hamster-wheel-powered soul grinder every morning.

This weekend, I will be out on the lake with my brother to do some fishing. For me, it will be a fantasy—like fantasy baseball camp: It will be a taste of what my life could be like if only…Then it’s back to the hamster wheel on Monday.

I can’t wait.

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